Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the International Congress of Architecture – III (ICONARCH III) to be held in Konya, TURKEY, between the datesof 11 -13 May, 2017in a placewhere there is one of the world’s oldest settlement from Neolithic and Chalcolithic age; ‘Çatalhöyük’ and has one of the world’s most impressive person whose influence transcends all the borders for centuries; ‘Rumi'-Mevlana'.

We are glad to be organizing the third of ICONARCH congress series in the center of Anatolia, Konya, It will be a great pleasure for us to welcome you in this historical and meaningful city.  

ICONARCH claims to be a brand name in Turkey and in the world as a platform where various issues in architecture and urban & regional planning and connected with them, various cultural, sector-related and intellectual topics are discussed. The first and the second congresses of ICONARCH were performed successfully with the contributions of valuable academics and researchers. We hosted many distinguished speakers from all over world and made unforgettable memoriescomplemented by a strong scientific program and social events.The first ICONARCH congress was about “Architecture and Technology”. A total of 27 foreign scholars from the USA, Italy, Holland, Austria, England, Finland, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Lebanon, Iran and Cyprus, and 33 Turkish scholars attended to this congress.And, thesecond one was about ‘Innovative Approaches in Architecture and Planning” which was performed successfullywith 38 foreign and 40 Turkish participants.

Now, it is time to come together for the ICONARCH III. This congress will address the theme of ‘MEMORY OF PLACE’which is a crucial topic in today’s globalizing world.It is memories that make our lives and their spatial dimensions meaningful. Memory itself has a long evolution and has many aspects to consider. In this point, the buildings and cities serve as powerful symbols and repositories of memories. It can be legible via physical transformations of buildings and urban spaces by the time, community thinking, collective memories, politics of space, architectural & urban values, semantic, pictorial, symbolic context of buildings and cities. For establishing a sense of place or creating meaningful experiences, memories are the key elements.

In this framework, the aim of this congress is to serve as a meeting point for academicians& researchers from the fields of architecture, urban & regional planning and urban design from all over the world to discuss the memory of place in all aspects.

It is an honor for us that we will host many distinguished speakers from USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Albania, Netherlands, Poland and Turkey for the upcoming ICONARCH III Congress.

Researchers from all over the world are fully invited to present their papers and attend this congress to share their experiences with others about memory of place.We look forward to welcoming you at the III. International ICONARCH Congress and hope you will join us for a symphony of outstanding science, and take a little extra time to discover the unique beauty of Konya city.

Yours sincerely,


Prof. Dr. Ahmet ALKAN

Congress Chair

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture


Selcuk University