Phallosan Forte Before And After – My Honest Review With Real Pictures!

This Phallosan Forte review is intended for men who want to evaluate the benefits of this penis enlargement device and need more information. Categorized as a penis stretcher (or extender), its main goal is to lengthen the penis though lesser gains in girth can also be expected. Correcting a malformation known as Peyronies Disease, a condition where the penis is curved to an excessive degree, is another benefit it offers.

When compared to other treatments that include pumps, weights, pills or jelqing, extenders have a reputation for being the most effective way of lengthening your manhood. The biggest drawback is that they need to be worn for many hours a day which is a requirement that is hard to fulfill in light of the high degree of discomfort associated with most models. To address this problem the designers of the Phallosan Forte developed a completely new concept that easily surpasses typical rigid extenders in the areas of comfort and convenience.

This innovative design comes from a company that has built up a loyal following of satisfied customers over its 15 years of existence. Also, the Phallosan Forte has been scientifically tested and is recommended by doctors, making it one of the few devices of its kind to have that distinction. Tests not only proved its effectiveness at helping users gain size but it also showed an ability to help individuals with pronounced penile curvature. Within the health community it proved to be so effective that in 2013 the FDA approved it for medical use.

Though it’s design originates from Germany, the Phallosan Forte is actually made in Malta. The device and accessories are shipped to you in a discreet box with no markings that could reveal its contents to protect your privacy.

Every item in the Phallosan Forte kit is identified below:

  1. One suction bell of each available size (small, medium and large) plus 4 bell condoms of various sizes
  2. A measuring guide that assists you in choosing the right suction bell
  3. A written guide and instructional DVD
  4. Protective cap that fits over the head of the penis
  5. Squeeze bulb that sucks air out of the suction bell
  6. A color coded tension clip allows users to accurately select the degree of tension they want.
  7. A flexible orthopedic belt that goes around your waist controls the tension and secures the unit.

How it Works

At first, looking at the kit while trying to figure out how all of the items work together can be a somewhat confusing. You shouldn’t let yourself intimidated because the steps are simple and will become second nature in no time. Simple step by step instructions are found in a written manual or can be viewed on the DVD provided.

The initial step consist in finding the suction bell size that is appropriate for you. You can accomplish this by using the measuring guide and positioning it at the penis base. Doing so will quickly indicate which one of the 3 different suction bell sizes fits you best.

After choosing the proper suction bell, you must choose a corresponding condom sleeve and apply it over the bell. The simplest way to affix the sleeve consists in rolling down one of the extremities over the suction bell’s opening. After this is done, carefully roll up the lower portion until it’s all the way up to the base (view the video).

NEW: The sleeves are very much like typical condoms but are manufactured with a material that is thicker and more durable. Earlier Phallosan Forte models included condoms that had the tendency to tear easily. The new material currently used is many times more durable and even fireproof. Every new kit comes with 4 extra sleeves so needing replacements should never be a concern.

Next, position the protective cap over the penis tip before inserting it into the bell. Then, simply roll down the sleeve over the penis shaft and the most tedious part of the process has been completed. After attaching the pressure bulb onto the tip of the suction bell, pressing it as required to achieve a proper vacuum will help secure the penis.

Lastly, the suction bell needs to be clipped to the belt which is then wrapped around the waist. Proper tension is achieved by making adjustments to the belt until you’re satisfied. A colored coded tension clip serves as an indicator of the chosen traction level. The image below illustrates the relationship between the different colors and the degree of tension applied. Starting at a lower level of tension and increasing gradually is advised.

Phallosan Forte Results

Using traction to promote the lengthening of underdeveloped extremities in patients is a concept that has been used by doctors for many years. This concept involves the application of continual but mild tension to a targeted area to provoke a biological process known as “cytokinesis”. It refers to the activity of increasing the number of cells through the repeated process of cell division. The new cells then become available when your body requires more tissue to assist growth.

Worldwide, there are many examples of cultures that have used the same principle to extend various body parts. Certain African tribes use wooden plates and metal rings to effectively stretch the lips and necks of women. This is comparable to the Phallosan Forte which uses the same proven approach to extend the length of the penis. It merely accomplishes this in a manner that is safer and more controlled.

Peyronies Disease (or Penis Curvature)

About 5% of men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, a condition that refers to abnormal penile curvature whose degree can vary significantly. In rare cases some men have been known to have this angle be as much as 90 degrees. One such unfortunate individual decided to forego surgery which led his doctor to recommend trying the Phallosan Forte instead.

A marked improvement occurred within only 3 months with the angle reduced to about 30 degrees 3 months later. The great majority of cases are less severe and as of now 640 men have been treated successfully by using this device.

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Clinical Testing

The penile enlargement category is saturated with items of questionable value, some of them scams, so the ability to pick out the ones that work can be challenging. It’s important to be realistic about your expectations and the magnitude of results you can expect to achieve. Most likely, you’ve already seen many ads promoting products that claim the ability to induce multiple inches of growth in a relatively short time. Such claims can’t be taken seriously as they are only meant to take advantage of men for financial gain.

Steering clear of products that make such exaggerated claims is the surest way to avoid those that will waste your money and time. The remaining products should be researched but at least you’ve improved your odds considerably. You should focus on products that have a consistent history of satisfied users, are recommended by physicians and, most important of all, have been tested by a an outside party. This device satisfies all these conditions and test results of one Phallosan Forte study are displayed below.

This clinical study had 24 male participants between the ages of 20 to 68 and conducted over a 6 month period. The following charts illustrate the results achieved at different times during the experiment.

Results Summary

  • average gains in the erect length of users was .45 inches after 3 months and .75 inches after 6 months.
  • average gains in the erect girth of users was .25 inches after 3 months and .3 inches after 6 months.
  • average gains in the flaccid length of users was .4 inches after 3 months and .6 inches after 6 months.

To be noted is that users only wore their device 5 days a week and 6 hours per day. This usage quota is about the minimum you would need to obtain satisfying results. Fortunately, the Phallosan Forte is so comfortable that you can easily double the time of daily usage. I don’t consider myself to be special in any way yet was able to achieve personal results that exceeded study averages by a good margin. My results are summarized within the chart found below.

Personal Results

My erect gain in length was around 1.3 inches while girth increased by .4 inches, pretty good results for a novice. The main factor is consistency and I have no doubt that those who put forth a similar effort, if not more, can expect gains in length of no less than 1 inch. To make things even better I found my erections were harder and lasted longer while orgasms seemed to feel more intense.

Phallosan Forte versus Sizegenetics

Due to the fact that Sizegenetics may well be the most popular conventional extender available, people may be curious to how well it stacks up against the Phallosan Forte. Without a doubt, Sizegenetics is a quality product that is proven to be effective, but still relying on a traditional rod system means it has inherited many of the flaws associated with that design. Even as new tweaks have been introduced to make it less uncomfortable, in the end, it really never comes anywhere close to matching the degree of comfort offered by the Phallosan Forte.

When evaluating penis extenders, one shouldn’t downplay the importance of comfort. Wearing these devices at least 6 hours per day is recommended to obtain meaningful results, something that is very difficult to do when relying on older designs that use a silicone noose to hold your penis. It becomes inevitable that strangling your manhood in such a way cuts circulation and causes discomfort. This makes them difficult to keep on for more than a few hours at a time without having to make some adjustments during that period.

By contrast, instead of tying the penis down to secure it, the Phallosan Forte uses gentle vacuum pressure that is distributed across the head evenly. This offers an unsurpassed level of comfort that makes it possible for users to wear it for extended periods. The ability to meet your daily usage goals without pain promotes more consistent use which translates to quicker results. When your extender is too painful to wear, you’re more likely to use it less often than you should and possibly even quit.

Getting Bigger While Sleeping

From a practical standpoint, Phallosan Forte offers 2 crucial advantages when compared to Sizegenetics. Definitely the most appealing one is that it can be worn while sleeping.. The importance of this advantage can’t be overstated. Night time wearability means you can get bigger while sleeping and usually end up reaching your daily usage target before your day even begins. The bulk of conventional extenders makes them difficult to sleep with comfortably with the added problem that they have the tendency to come off whenever you have an involuntary night time erection.

Secondly, due to its being less bulky than the Sizegenetics, wearing it under your clothes is more discreet which is an important consideration for men with jobs. Many reasons may prevent some men from taking advantage of using the Phallosan Forte at night while others may just want to log more time. The ability to wear it discreetly when away from home gives these men added flexibility. By doing some simple math, it’s easy to see that if you exclude work and sleep hours within a day, little time remains to wear your extender long enough to meet your daily quota.

The Best Choice: Phallosan Forte

If overall results are the determining factor, they are literally tied and choosing either one will be a good decision. One might even rightfully suggest that Sizegenetics has a slight edge in terms of ease of use. However, the superior comfort of the Phallosan Forte combined with the advantage of night time use definitely gives it the overall edge. Taking all the reasons mentioned into account, I have no reservations in declaring the Phallosan Forte to be the obvious winner.

An important point that potential users should be aware of is that it is more effective at promoting gains in length but less so for girth. No doubt that girth will also be enhanced to a lesser extent it simply wasn’t designed to focus on that aspect. When increasing girth is your predominant objective, the use of of a hydro pump like the Bathmate or Penomet will offer superior results. On a personal level, I prefer the Bathmate due to its comfort and the fact that it feels like a more durable product.


Phallosan Forte Before and After


Anyone who has read my review to this point already knows that I highly recommend this product which I consider to be the best in its class. Don’t let bad experiences from the past keep you from trying a product that actually works and delivers reliable results when its used on a consistent basis. Also, since your purchase is protected by a 14 day return policy and 2 year warranty you can try it risk free with complete peace of mind. Hopefully this detailed Phallosan Forte review has answered most of your questions and will help to make your final decision a better one.

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